Although Chris Kavalieratos was born in Athens, the capital of Greece, in 1969, he lived half of his childhood in the Greek province because of his father’s profession as an army officer. Both of his parents influenced Chris to learn to love and admire Greece and the unique Greek nature.

The final exams after finishing school, led Chris to Athens Medical School in 1987, from where he graduated in 1993. After the rural medical service and the military service, Chris started with the Anaesthesia specialty that practices up to now.

His love for Greek nature and his desire to actively get involved with it and agriculture, led him in 2008 to buy the land for the “ANOPAEA ORGANIC ESTATE”. The land is in the area of Mendenitsa village, at the slopes of Kallidromo mountain in the region of Fthiotis, Central Greece. The relationship with that specific piece of land started as love at first sight, as from the farm are both visible the medieval castle of the village and the sea of Maliakos gulf.

The olive trees of the farm were planted by himself in 2009 and 2011, while in 2013 Chris brought in the farm his first beehives. That was after he had attended a course on beekeeping in 2012 at the Institute of Agricultural Sciences ( In 2016, he continued with the attendance of the professional course of beekeeping at the same Institute and after exams he was certified as a professional beekeeper. His training at the objectives of the farm is a lifelong procedure so, in 2017 he was trained and certified as an olive oil taster by the Greek educational organization Olive Oil Seminars ( and the Italian National Organization O.N.A.O.O. - Organizzazione Nazionale Assaggiatori Olio di Oliva (

Nowadays, he is responsible for all agricultural practices in the farm and all the procedures that are related with cultivation and primary production, many of which are also being implemented by himself.

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