Effie Kavalieratou, the daughter of Chris, was born in 1998. Her father taught her to love Greek nature and earth. At the age of ten she accompanied, with her brother Simos, their father at the very first meeting that he had to examine the land, that it would mean to be “ANOPAEA ORGANIC ESTATE”. Despite that she was too young, she expressed her positive opinion, impressed by the beauty of the scenery. During the next years, she was also accompanying him in every agricultural job that he had to do, as he was doing all by himself the very first years. So, she accompanied him at the olive picking of the first crop and at the first honey harvest, carrying with him the heavy, full of honey, wooden supers.

In 2016, she took over most of the production procedures, while at the same time she was becoming fluent in English and competent as a digital user. But, because “ANOPAEA ORGANIC ESTATE” is a family run, small, agricultural business, where everyone participates in everything, she also actively participates in every aspect of the line from production to the final sale of the products to the final consumer.

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