Demi, Chris’ wife, although she was also born in Athens, she was passing all the summers of her childhood into the olive groves of her parental family at the village of Prodromos-Hostia, at the region of Βoeοtia, Central Greece. At that age, she was also actively involved at the olive picking during the olive harvest period at the family farm. The warm, fresh, full of flavors olive oil on top of a hot slice of bread, specially made by her granny, with a bit of salt and oregano, is something that has been indelibly written at the memories of her mind and taste.


Her footsteps also led her at the medical studies and since 2003 she is working as a radiologist. Meeting with Chris resulted in bringing into reality common dreams, concerning their common passion for olive trees and olive oil and they started working together at the organic farm.


In 2018, she became quality assurance manager of the “ANOPAEA ORGANIC ESTATE”, for all the different stages of the olive oil production, starting from the field up to the final consumer. At the same time, she is continuously getting training as an olive oil taster, to assure that every lot of olive oil that is bottled, responds to the very high-quality standards that the “ANOPAEA ORGANIC ESTATE” has set. And, because “ANOPAEA ORGANIC ESTATE” is a small, family run, agricultural business, where everyone participates in everything, she also actively participates in every aspect of the line starting from production to the final consumer.

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